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L. G. Labouriau Thermobiology Laboratory


Location: Between CRAD and Tropical Medicine
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Fabian Borghetti


The Luiz Gouvêa Labouriau Thermobiology Laboratory was built in 1987 to house the Brazilian researcher who was returning from Venezuela, where he had lived with his family for 13 years.

Since its construction, one of the laboratory's main lines of research has been on seed germination. Over the years, new researchers have joined and new research fronts have been created. Undergraduate and postgraduate students have conducted their studies in the laboratory, learned and participated in the growth of the group, both in quantity and quality. Prof. Labouriau passed away in 1996, but the laboratory continues to provide quality teaching, research and extension.

Linked to the Department of Botany since 2001, the laboratory welcomes undergraduate and postgraduate students from the University of Brasilia and other institutions in and around the Federal District and elsewhere in Brazil. Professors from other UnB departments, such as the Department of Forestry Engineering, the Department of Ecology, the Department of Cell Biology and other higher education and research institutions, also carry out research activities in the laboratory in collaboration with our group.


Research lines:

  • Studies of germination and initial growth of native species, seeking to understand how recruitment can affect the dynamics of plant populations and communities.

  • Studies of the effects of temperature and water deficit conditions on seed survival, germination and initial growth of native species, with the aim of understanding how the climate predicted for the future may modify plant recruitment patterns.

Collaborating Professors:

  • Profa Dr. Patrícia Carla de Oliveira - UFMT

  • PhD. José Francisco M. Valls - Embrapa / Cenargen 

  • PhD. Dulce Alves da Silva - Embrapa / Cenargen 

  • Prof. Dr. Leandro Carvalho Ribeiro - IFECT Goiás

  • Profa. Dr. Sarah C. C. Oliveira - UnB

  • Prof. Dr. Guarino Colli - UnB


International Research Collaborators

  • Prof. Dr. Frank van Langevelde - Wageningen University, Holand

  • PhD. Mark Ooi - Sidney University, Australia

  • Prof. Dr. Barry Sinervo - University of California, Santa Cruz

Lab technician

  • Dr. Anabele S. Gomes


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